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UNC DFI’s Pre-Development Process results in a recommended program (uses, associated square footage and parking) and public participation structure for each of our projects. Once the local government client has endorsed these recommendations, UNC DFI actively recruits developers to respond to the solicitation, similar to a request for qualifications or request for proposals. All project research is summarized in the solicitation, along with requirements to be included in responses, and the timeline and criteria for evaluation of responses.



Garner Downtown Opportunity- Closed February 2021

Morrisville Town Center Opportunity- Closed February 2021

Rocky Mount P3 for Housing – Closed November 2019.

Kannapolis Historic Block One – Closed September 2019.pdf

Gastonia FUSE District – Closed September 2019.pdf

Lumberton P3 for Housing – Closed August 2019.pdf

Downtown Kannapolis Townhouse Development (Plant 4 Site) – Closed June 2019.pdf

Durham County – Closed April 2019.pdf


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